How Far We’ve Come

I recognised from an early age that regular creative writing gives me the space I need to fully express myself openly and honestly. I read and write not only for enjoyment, but also for emotional growth and wellness. It has helped me discover my authentic voice and given me the courage to be my true self, and I wanted to find a way to share those powerful experiences with others. 

Well-Written was started quite simply because I needed to find new friends. I wanted to reach out to people like myself who loved writing and creating, and find a home for us to all gather together and enjoy what we did. I needed a village, a supportive community who could inspire me, and who I could help inspire in turn.

The group began in 2017 with four female friends gathered together in my living room, eating home-made cupcakes and reading aloud from our notebooks. Now a group of on average fifteen women meet every month for the ‘Wild Women, Wild Voices’ workshops, and there are over fifty active members in the Well-Written Facebook group.

I am planning a second monthly meet-up, a women’s writers group in Wellington city, which aims to encourage women to socialise in a safe space, share their work and to form lasting and positive relationships with people who share their ideas and passion for words and art.

Well-Written is no longer just about me, nor is it solely my ‘baby’. Over the past two years it has become a team. All those who have helped and supported me; have come along to the workshops; have posted in the Facebook group or contributed a blog post; have spent time in pubs and cafes after groups talking about their excitement and love for the Well-Written community, they *are* Well-Written. They are the village I envisaged and needed, and realised that others needed too.

“Your true voice may be buried beneath ideas of who you think you are supposed to be, what you think you are supposed to sound like, and what you think you should write.” – Judy Reeves – Wild Women, Wild Voices

I brought my soul around the world, to be blessed by many women. Those with wild hair and bright faces, fine friends I had not yet made. They washed my fears away with loving hands, and welcomed me into their hearts. Those Wild Women helped me to belong. 

Tabby Wood, founder of ‘Well-Written’


“She walked not as a goddess nor as a warrior, but merely as a woman who knew her own mind and had found complete confidence in herself. She had found Love, and it had grown from within her as much as she had received it from others. They called her a Wild Woman, as she would not be tamed, but instead she strode out of the howling darkness and carried her own light.” T.WOOD 2019